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  Aerosols and Adhesives

Aerosols (from l - r) all 500ml
Sterling fabric protector. Use on synthetic and natural fibres.

Gloversilc silicone spray. Silicone lubricant for threads, machines and table tops.

Gloverbond aerosol adhesive. Spray adhesive for foam and most other upholstery materials

Trim Spray high heat resistant adhesive
(up to 90º)


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L107   upholstery
A32      foam building
A29      general purpose contact
A23      high heat resist contact
A8514 foam building
A8517 - to order
SAN44contact for wood-work
Tradegrip PVC
D44     latex
WA40  PVA wood glue
Cascamite one shot

UHU  all purpose


flexible join
red sprayable
clear sprayable

powdered resin glue for woodwork (mix with water)

Glue Guns and Glue Sticks
TEC305 Semi-pro (12mm stick)
hot melt glue gun – 160-200°C


Glue sticks 12 mm x 290mm

1 kg and 5 kg

  glue sticks
Upholstery items



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