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Cloths and hessians: page 3 Barrier interliners, platform & base cloths and stockinette

Schedule 3 Barrier interliners

wool - natural
calico type
cotton herringbone

137 cm
137 cm
142 cm



48 x 44, 20's

** Flame retardant to BS5852 ignition source 5. For use under a non F/R top cover where the fabric consists of at least 75% natural fibres as defined in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended

F/R Platform and base cloths

cotton platform cloth


black, brown & beige


black, brown & beige


black & beige

synthetic platform cloth

Fibrepal brown & black

cotton base cloth


synthetic base cloth






152 cm

152 cm


152 cm


150 cm

100 cm


75 cm

92 cm

122 cm

137 cm

100 cm

60 x 60, 20's

48 x 44,10's


108x56, 20's


125 g/sqm

52 x 44, 20's


70 g/sq m


50 g/sq m


Platform cloths

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Polyester/nylon 45 cm  
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