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Chair components: page 4
Webbing and tapes
Jute webbing

11 lb



12 lb Blue Line

51 mm



51 mm

  jute webbing

Black & white webbing

Standard jute/cotton/synthetic
Cotton weft jute/cotton
51 mm
51 mm

Elastic webbing




Article TE350
   50% stretch for soft seats and backs

                                                                     Article IP450

                                                30% stretch for firm seats






51 mm

51 mm







Polypropylene webbing
51 mm   polyprop webbing

Rubber webbing

Resilient rubber webbing – 1st quality – 10% stretch
Beige & black


38 mm

50 mm

  rubber webbing

Fittings for webbing
Steel V clips
51 mm
Pirelli V clip
Cintel clip and hook
51 mm

Large staples

25 mm

back plates for staples

Back plates for staples

25 mm







Cotton herringbone tape


Unbleached, white or black


Unbleached or white

75 mm
50 mm
38 mm
25 mm
20 mm
16 mm
Cotton India tape
13 mm    

Unbleached or white







Upholstery items



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