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Curtain & blind hardware: page 3  weights, draw rods, brackets & blind accessories
Weights and lead weight tape
round pennyweights
fabric covered square lead shapes
25 g lead weight tape
50 g lead weight tape

25 mm

curtain weights
Curtain draw rods    

white metal

wooden – walnut, teak

50 cm
75 cm
100 cm
125 cm
100 cm
draw rods
Pelmet brackets,
zinc slotted angle bracket

zinc pelmet centre support bracket
white pierced angle bracket

100 x 75 mm
180 x 150 mm
80 x 80 mm
180 x 150 mm
pelmet brackets
Brass brackets for 38mm wood poles
solid brass polished and lacquered
end bracket
centre bracket
recess bracket


brass brackets for wooden poles


Blind accessories    
Roman blind rods
white fibreglass
Silent Gliss steel, 2135
Rufflette translucent


Roman blind bottom weights
white aluminium 24.5 mm
chrome tube 12 mm diameter

Blind cord
fine - polyester
medium - polypropylene
thick - polyester

1.5 mm

2.0 mm

2.8 mm

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