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Curtain & blind tracks & poles: page 4
Roman blind kits and components
Roman blind kits – hook & loop
white aluminium system complete with all fittings except fabric and thread.
header rail comes complete with self-adhesive hook tape – blind is fixed to it with sew-in loop tape.

Chyc Side-Winder Chain System 7206
0.90 x 1.80 m
1.20 x 1.80 m
1.50 x 1.80 m
1.80 x 1.80 m
1.20 x 2.40 m
1.50 x 2.40 m

ALU Cassette Side-Winder Chain Systems

Components are sealed within the header rail to give a neat appearance

0.60 x 1.83 m

0.90 x 1.83 m

1.20 x 1.83 m

1.50 x 1.83 m

1.80 x 1.83 m

2.10 x 1.83 m


Components for white aluminium roman blind track – hook & loop

Chyc Locking Blind System 864

864 track 1098.6
locking device 1507.0
cord guide 1511.0
top/face fix bracket 1509.0
end cover 1508.0
cord connectors 1061.0
cord guide/pulley 1506.0

A sturdy aluminium header rail with hook tape, brackets and cord guides allows the blind-maker to use the familiar corded system  with a modern twist.  The cord lock on the end of the rail locks the cord in place when pulled to the side, so no cleat is needed.  The cord lock can be fitted to pull sideways or to the front.
Chyc Side-Winder Chain System 7206  
track 7204.6
bracket 1540.0
axle 7264.0
end stop 1521.0
axle flange 1539.0
reel 1536.0
chain brake 1538.0
tape 1662.6
white chain connector 7259.0
white chain 1535.0
chrome chain connector 1566
chrome chain 1565.0

Common accessories
quick release rings 0845.0
4 mm fibre-glass rod
3 m aluminium bottom bar 7273

Roman blind rods

Roman blind rods

tape & chain supplied in cut lengths maximum 20 m
Silent Gliss Systems 2100/2147/2125/2090  
track 2116
cord lock 2147
cord guide 2101
universal bracket 3630
end cover 2131
roller guides 2125
steel rod 2135

Of particular use when heavier blinds are being made.  Roller cord guides take the place of simpler cord guides to ensure super-efficient operation.


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