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Curtain & blind tracks and poles: page 8
Metal poles (click on images to enlarge)

Integra Metal Works 19mm: six lengths, 4 finishes (Brushed Silver, Burnished Brass, Chrome, Black Nickel),2 finial designs (Orient Barrel next & Zorb below that).

Orient Barrel

Orient Barrel

Integra Metal Works 28mm: 5 lengths, 5 finishes (Burnished Brass, Brushed Silver, Black Nickel, Satin Nickel, Chrome), 4 finial designs (Lexington, Brooklyn, Nexus & Zorb illustrated).



Integra Options 19mm, 28mm, 35mm & 50mm: 4 finishes (Burnished Brass, Satin Silver, Black Nickel, Brushed Silver), more than 30 modern finial styles in a variety of materials. With double layering and bay pole options.

(Photo is of Ripple finial)


Ripple finial

Options poles

Integra Golden Glide 25mm corded telescopic. 5 lengths, Polished Brass only. Golden Glide
Integra Royal Orb 38mm, 3 lengths, Polished Brass only. Royal Orb
Chyc Zirconio 20mm & 28mm: 4 lengths, 3 finishes (Matt Nickel, Chrome & Antique Brass), 5 finials (Jerez, Caceres, Dama, Cup & Jaen). Zirconia
Gifer Aquarius 19mm, metal pole kits,2.0m only: 2 finishes (bright steel or steel with fine oak), 4 finials (Rodas, Index light oak, Koral light oak & Itaca). Gifer pole
Speedy Poles Apart 28mm metal pole sets, 4 finishes (Satin Silver, Antique Brass, Chrome and Polished Graphite), 7 finial designs (Boulevard, Crescent, Piazza, Crash, Triangle, Aztec & Vienna - illustrated). Speedy Poles

Speedy Poles Apart Eyelet Pole 28mm, 5 lengths, 2 finishes (Satin Silver & Antique Brass)

Sphere illustrated.

Speedy 28mm pole
Speedy Metal bay pole kits idc 28mm 3 side bay pole with sphere finials: 90cm + 120cm + 120cm + 90cm, 2 finishes (Satin Silver and Antique Brass). Passing rings with nylon insert allow full curtain flow around the bay. Speedy Bay Pole kit
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