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Typical hide measurements

This illustration shows the shape and dimension of a typical cow hide of just under 50sq ft (4.6 sq metres). Hides, like cows, do however come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 35sq ft to 70sq ft, so none of the measurements can be guaranteed. A half-hide would be produced by cutting along the backbone, from A to B.


The amount of wastage depends largely on the sizes of panels needed. Obviously, small pieces will result in less wastage. But the position and type of blemishes in the hide is also an important factor. An often quoted rule of thumb is that 25% wastage should be allowed for or, put another way, 1 metre of fabric equates to 1.67sq m of hide. But the best advice with leather jobs is to assume the worst and estimate high. Better lose a job than lose money on it.

One final thing to remember: examine leather as you receive it. Do not wait until you are ready to start the job. If you don't like a hide, let us know immediately and, provided you haven't cut or marked it, we will replace it without question.