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Tools and equipment: page1 Buttoning equipment
Buttoning equipment
Side lever combination press
for cutting and covering buttons press only.
Available with or without UK30 medium 2 piece die and cutter
for inclusive price with other size dies please ask for a quotation

Button press

button press

Cutting boards      

Dies and cutters medium
Sizes: UK24 26 28C 30 36 45
two piece die and cutter
cutter only
light and heavy dies also available – to order

approximate sizes
of covered buttons
24 – 14 mm
26 – 16 mm
28/30 – 18 mm
36 – 22 mm
45 – 28 mm
  dies and cutters

Button moulds and long short tapes

Sizes: UK24 26 28C 30 36 45

1000 or 2000 pack


wire loop backs
prong backs
tape backs
nail backs (11 mm shank)
hook backs
contra hook buttons
split button retainer

long-short nylon tapes sizes 30mm, 50mm, 65mm,75mm, 90mm and 110mm

    button moulds

Button twine >


Easy cover buttons
white polypropylene





nickel on brass


button maker

19 mm
22 mm
29 mm



19 mm
23 mm
29 mm
38 mm


plastic cover buttons

metal cover buttons

button maker

Buttoning needles

23 cm auto-ejector needle & handle
pull cavity needle for button tapes







T-handled tufting needle 408

tufting needle


Timesaver tufting needle 417




Clasps 418 for Timesaver tufting needle (box of 500)

auto ejector buttoning needle

Timesaver tufting needle clasps

Eyelet equipment and eyelets including curtain eyelets >    
Upholstery items



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