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Tools & equipment : page 2
Compressors and air-line equipment, foam cutter:
Bambi silent air compressors
high performance, ultra low noise and almost no vibration
air receivers internally coated
15 L, 0.5 hp, 50 L/min
8 bar maximum working pressure
28 kg, 61 cm (h) x 50 cm (w) x 30 cm (d)
wheel mounted
Bambi air compressor BB15
24 L, 0.5 hp, 50 L/min
8 bar maximum working pressure
26 kg, 49 cm (h) x 65 cm (w) x 25 cm (d)
optional wheel kit
  Bambi air compressor BB24
Compressor oil, 1 litre      

Air-line parts
¼" male double threaded connector 25823
¼" female double threaded socket 63356
¼" hose tail piece male thread 25798
plug for quick release valve – hose tail 54423
plug for quick release valve ¼" female thread 54419
plug for quick release valve ¼" male thread 54415
¼" quick release valve hose tail piece 54410
¼" quick release valve female thread 54407
¼" quick release valve male thread 54404
¼" tee piece – female threads


air-line parts
coil hose – ¼" BSP 15.2 m coil coil hose
recoil hose – ¼" BSP 11.5 m coil recoil hose

Foam cutter


Bosch GSG300 electric foam cutter
2 reciprocating blades/wheeled base
foam cutter alone
complete with 200 mm blades and guide
We know some people
use the bread knife, but
there's no substitute for
the proper tool for the job,
now is there?

Parts for Bosch foam cutter
blades 70 mm 130 mm 200 mm 300 mm
guide : same lengths

  Bosch foam cutter

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