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We carry a wide range of trimmings from major manufacturers. All items are available to order in whole packs while some, shown below, are also available in cut lengths. There are far too many to show here on our website: please ask for a colour catalogue or click on the maker's links here.

Brand new for 2015 is our Carnival braid, available to order as cut length or cards.

Carnival Braid               

Sample card avaliable     

BtcTrim range


The following are available
in cut lengths from stock




15 mm scroll gimp
all catalogue colours plus 202 (peach), 603 (green), 700 (black), & 1302 (pink mix),

13 mm braid
all catalogue colours plus 315 (pink), 8802 (beige), 1474(pale lilac) & 41163(mustard)

Limited stock

25 m

25 m

8 mm cord – all colours. Limited stock
30 mm cut ruche – all colours. Limited stock
75 mm bullion fringe – all colours. Limited stock


25 m
25 m
25 m
Oxford Collection
23 mm flanged cord – all colours . Limited stock
120 mm bullion fringe – all colours. Limited stock

Trimmings by Design Range

scroll gimp and the Boston Collection Trimmings by Design Range







15 mm scroll braid
all colours – pattern card available.
To download a larger image of the pattern card shown right (pdf), please click on the image.

Braid sample card
Emilie Collection  - ask for samples



Houlès double piping and braids

  A wonderful collection of 200 double piping cords and exotic braids. From Paris. Sample book available.Houlès cover catalogue  

Houlès catalogue

Houlès catalogue. To download a larger image (3 pages pdf), please click on the image.

Upholstery items



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