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Upholstery sundries: page 1 Edge rolls & profiles, headboard components, back tack strips, labels, tacks & gimp pins
Edge rolls and profiles
Flanged paper roll
12.5 mm
19 mm
25 mm

100 m
100 m
  50 m
Flanged polyfoam edge roll
"Q" section
25 mm

  35 m
  edge roll
Reconstituted chipfoam edge section
"P" section
17 mm

25 m
  chipfoam edge section
Polyfoam edge section
"P" section max. 20 m
17 mm

200 m
and cuts per m
polfoam edge section
Blind seam profile
fasten through centre for double piped effect
5 mm

200 m
  blind seam profile
Headboard components
Headboard struts  

600mm & 762mm unfinished hardwood – slotted and drilled

M8 headboard bolt with integral plastic head

Headboard strut

headboard strut knob

M8 T-nuts

Back tack strips

Fibre blind back tack strip

13 mm x 0.5 mm fibre blind back tack strip

Fibre nailed back tack strip (left)

Velvet Edge back tack strip

76 cm lengths

76 cm lengths

fibre nailed back strip

Metal back tack strip
Flextrim (left)

Speciale ST1

30m roll

1.5 m lengths

metal back tack strip
Furniture & Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988

swing tickets, ready strung



cover fabric not match resistant – includes Sch 3 barrier interliner

fillings and cover meet requirements

swing tickets

fabric labels, sold on a roll





fillings and cover meet requirements

cover fabric not match resistant – includes Sch 3 barrier interliner

warning fire label
fabric, pre-cut BS7176 FR to Crib 5 standard (public buildings) Crib 5 label
self-adhesive green fillings & cover meet requirements green labels
Tacks and gimp pins
Upholstery (decorative) nails >

6 mm
10 mm
13 mm
15 mm
20 mm
25 mm

improved tacks have a larger head



Gimp pins


colours boxed separately
13 mm

black, grey, brown, fawn, red, blue, green.

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Upholstery items



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