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Workroom sundries: page 1, from aprons, chalk and hog rings, to rules, zips and fasteners – and anything else we don't know where to put. Not forgetting BOOKS (you can't work all day)

Cotton apron – unbleached
(model extra)


upholsterers apron

Furniture bags -
250 gauge polythene
one seater - 1830 mm x 1370 mm
three seater - 2740 mm   x 1370 mm


Tailors' beeswax


triangular tailor's chalk: black, white, red, yellow, blue & assorted colours

sublimating (vanishing) chalk white

tailor's chalk

Frame fixings/Panel fasteners
15.4 mm white
30 mm black
38 mm black

panel fasteners
Latex gloves
Latex gloves

Headboard bolt with integral plastic head – M8

headboard strut knob
Headboard struts >  

Sharp hog rings


  hog ring
Jig saw blades
Bosch T144D for quick cutting of wood etc.

Snap fastener tape

21 mm white polyester Snappertape with polyester snaps spaced at 100 mm intervals




Snap fasteners
4 part nickel on steel – size 24
snap fasteners

Snap fastener closing tool (229-24)


Sewing machine oil

Compressor oil

  snap fastener closing tool
T-nuts – M8 x 17 mm   T-nuts

Ventilators and clips
white plastic & clip

gold with starlock

silver with starlock

Rules and tape measures

Hardwood rules
Hardwood metre stick, brass ends - inches & centimetres

Hardwood Government stamped metre stick - metric only

wooden metre rules

Metal rules
Aluminium metre stick – inches & centimetres

Steel metre rules

Tape measures – inches and centimetres

150 cm fibreglass with 75 mm brass end

255 cm fibreglass

tapre measures

5 m Draper retractable steel rule

steel tape measure
Zip, elastic and other fasteners

Continuous chain zip
no 3 and no 5 beige, black & white

250m roll (no 3 beige only) 100m rolls & 50m rolls (no 3 & no 5 beige only)

Autolock sliders for continuos chain zip

no 3 & no 5 in beige, black & white

Jig for attaching sliders to continuous zip no 3/ no 5

Closed end zips
no 3 beige

36 cm, 41 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm, 56 cm, 61 cm & 66 cm

Open end zips

no 5 beige

41 cm & 46 cm


Assemble a zip using our zip jig

zip jig and reel
Zip jig with 100m reel of continuous chain zip and slider zip slider
Insert slider upside down,
with open jaws facing you
Cut zip in V shape and open
Offering zip to jig
Offer up zip upside down and
pull through.

Hook and loop tape (similar to Velcro)


beige, black & white

16, 20, 25, 30 & 50 mm


beige, black & white
black & white only
beige, black & white

25, 30
50 mm


white for fixed curtains/pelmets

16 cord 13 mm

black and white
    hook and loop tape
Upholstery items



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