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Workroom sundries: page 2
thread shelf

Slipping thread
Somac no.18 linen:black, beige (ecru), brown &


50 g reel

No.3 waxed polyester – rot proof
black, brown, beige, olive, red, blue & unbleached
500 m reel no 3 waxed polyester
Satin polyester cotton thread
shade cards available
tkt 35/36 unbleached
(upholstery) black, white & colours
black, brown, beige, rust, red, wine, green, light & dark olive, grey, gold, blue & navy
5000m cop or box of 10

satin polyester cotton tkt 35 and 75

Polyester cotton tkt 75

Terking tkt 75 unbleached
(curtains/over-locking) black, white & colours.
45 colours ex stock on 1000 m reels
10 x 1000 m cops

See right: the free tkt 75 sample swatch of 45 ex-stock colours. To view a larger picture (pdf download) please click on the swatch.


Thread sample pack
Spun polyester thread
tkt 120 (over-locking)
natural, unbleached & beige

5000 yd
spun polyester tkt 120
Bonded nylon thread
tkt 40 (for upholstery)
natural, white, black and colours
black, brown, beige, dark blue, green, red, wine, cream and grey; other colours to order

3000 m
Bonded nylon thread

tkt 60 (for curtains)
natural white, black
4500 m

Monofilament nylon invisible thread
420 denier nylon – upholstery over-locking
180 denier nylon – curtain over-locking

approx. 227 g spool
monofilament thread
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